Annyeonghaseyo and Greetings!

We are all currently adapting and learning to live with a "new normal" due to the
unprecedented Covid-19 global pandemic.
Many of us have and are still fighting on the frontlines and
I salute you all for your valiant and brave efforts.

Here in Korea we have also had many obstacles and setbacks but were able to
successfully hold our bi-annual KALDAT conference in Seoul this last July with
over 1000 local Korean physicians attending with strict safety measures in place.
We have proudly hosted more than 30 domestic and international symposiums over the years
with more than 4500 active members and 50 permanent committee members in fields
of dermatology, laser/energy-based devices, minimal-invasive aesthetic procedures,
skin care, hair loss treatment and plastic surgery. Last year July,
we were especially excited to have successfully co-hosted
with IMACE the inaugural Aesthetic Medicine Symposium with more than
500 physician participants in Kuala Lumpur.
Unfortunately, this is currently not an option due to the pandemic.

Every country has a different and unique situation it is facing with regards to the pandemic,
but learning and sharing of knowledge must continue.
With the advance of online technology and infrastructure,
this has become the "new normal" for now and ourcommitment to continue
in education of international aesthetic physicians is as strong as ever.

As chairman of this esteemed association, it is my honour and pleasure to invite and
welcome all delegates to the 2nd KALDAT Aesthetic Medicine Symposium to be held on 11 October 2020.
Due to current COVID-19 situation, it will be 100% online and more than 15 lectures in two separate virtual rooms will be given by distinguished Korean physicians in their respective fields of expertise.

Through these efforts, we at KALDAT therefore are hoping to facilitate more sharing and broadening of our knowledge and experience with international experts every year in the pursuit of a more advanced yet locally relevant aesthetic beauty paradigm in Asia and beyond.

Gamsahamnida (Thank you) !

Hyoung Moon Kim, M.D., Ph.D
Chairman and 5th President
Korea Association for Laser, Dermatology and Trichology (KALDAT)
Maylin Clinic (Seoul, Republic of Korea)
President  Hyoung Moon Kim