Dear Colleagues,

KALDAT (Korean Association of Laser, Dermatology and Trichology) has
a membership of more than 6000 physicians and 50 Executive Committee members
who have worked tirelessly to host more than 40 academic conferences domestically
and internationally to share innovative and evidence-based knowledge and experience in
areas of aesthetic dermatology, plastic surgery and trichology. We also applaud
the fantastic performance and efforts by the previous President and
his Exco team who made all this possible.

I would like to share the following analogy:
If a flower blooming in spring is the basics we had when beginning,
keeping the leaves green and healthy is perseverance and diligence.
In addition to this, the tenacity to overcome adversity will continue
to allow KALDAT to produce fruitful endeavors. You, our members, are the ones
to reap those fruits over the next 3 years. I will do my best to ensure that
you will always feel you are the owner and not the guest. I promise to keep quality of
reason and dedication in the following ways:

1) We will continue to advance in quality of content.
We will improve the quality of lectures by forgoing simple “force-feeding”
style lectures and focusing more on published articles and evidence-based medicine.
We will also fully support you – our members – endeavors in writing and
publishing articles in journals. We will lay the foundations to achieve academic
superiority second to none. This is our society’s core directive.

2) We will also create a place for camaraderie and solidarity.
We will strive to avoid the status quo and provide a place where colleagues can meet and
provide support and encouragement to each other. The leadership and I ensure you that
we will “walk the walk” instead of “talking the talk”. We will also become a synergy creator
where industry vendors will be in a “win-win” relationship. This will lead to us
becoming a more sturdy and holistic organization.

3) We will provide international conferences and seminars to enhance exchange of advanced medical knowledge. Contrary to our (Korean) reputation as global aesthetic industry and academic leaders, sharing of our Korean educational content is still under-developed. Therefore we will continue to host our international conference in Kuala Lumpur with more experts from around the world to launch our organization into a true global association. We will humbly persevere to provide and serve you our members to the best of our abilities.

Thank you and please stay safe.

Dr. Tae Hwan Ahn
President, Korean Association of Laser, Dermatology and Trichology (KALDAT)
President  Tae Hwan Ahn